I did! Now, stay with me here–going on a date with an escort offers you several advantages over your other practice options. First, this option allows you to go on a real date with a real person, rather than a simulated situation like the chat rooms or even practicing with friends. It also allows you to go on a date with someone who you are probably attracted to and also whose feelings won’t be hurt when you don’t call for a second date, unlike the “practice dates.” Finally, it allows you the freedom to ask for feedback on how you did. As uncomfortable as that may seem, the reality of the situation is that you probably will not see this person again, and they are the best dating experts you’ll get a chance to practice on.

But Won’t I Be Judged for Using an Escort?

As of 2016, statistics reported 1 in 20 men have relations with escorts. In other words, think of 20 guys you know–at least one of them has reached out to an escort. Put simply, it isn’t as uncommon as many people think. Besides the normality of it, there’s also the privacy of the interaction. If you go on a date with an escort, she will not be yelling out in the restaurant what her profession is. Why? Because no one does that. Also, because she understands how business works, and if she does that, now everyone in the restaurant (which I’m guessing has at least 20 guys in it) knows not to contact her themselves because she will not respect the customer’s privacy. Safety, trust, and privacy are key pillars for both the customer and escort to abide by during meetings and other interactions. If you decide not to tell anyone you reached out to an escort, then no one will know.